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We believe that restoring livelihood is the way to prevent aid dependency and build peace.

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Mercy Hands has years of experience in different sectors of livelihood. 

Mercy Hands is an active member of Emergency Livelihood Cluster, Cash Workgroup, Food Security Cluster, and Financial Service Providers Task Force (FSP-TF).

Some livelihood projects are overseen by the Director of Emergency Response and Recovery Dept., others by the Director of Community Development Dept., while the remaining are overseen by the Livelihoods Program Manager, Ms. Delan Awaz. Ms. Delan represents Mercy Hands in the Cash Working Group and FSP-TF, and she will do Mercy Hands' MPCA (Multi Purpose Cash Assistance) reporting. 

In 2019, we partnered with many different UN agencies and international organizations for livelihood programs, such as: WFP , Malteser International (MI), Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (WHH), Mission East, Mercy Corps, AMAR US, FAO, UNICEF, and Lemon Tree Trust.

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