Research is essential to our work because we want to deliver the most needed assistance to the most vulnerable people in a timely manner.

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Research as an integral part of every programs department at Mercy Hands, usually conducted in the planning or implementation phase of the project.  

the MEAL Department supports the design and implementation of all Mercy Hands' research activities. 

MEAL Department 

The MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning) Department is an independent body of Mercy Hands. It was established in 2019. The Head of the department is Mr. Javier Setien, who is based at the HQs in Baghdad and oversees MEAL for all Mercy Hands projects, either directly or through a MEAL Officer assigned to the project. 


The MEAL Department coordinates closely with project staff in program planning and design, and shares findings throughout program implementation to inform decision-making for both current and future projects.

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