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The Board names Dr. David Elkins as the new Executive Director

In this month, October 2019, Mercy Hands' Board of Directors named Dr. David Elkins as the new Executive Director/ CEO of the organization.

Dr. Elkins is the six Executive Director of Mercy Hands since it was founded in 2004

Dr. Elkins has replaced Dr. Khaldoon Al-Moosawi, who will continue his work with Mercy Hands but on a voluntary basis and as the Chairman of the Board.

Who is Dr. Elkins?

Dr. Elkins has 16 years of professional experience leading and designing international development programs with a wide variety of donors. He has extensive track record of managing complex, multi-million dollar international programs and proven experience working effectively with multiple stakeholders including government, military personnel, donor organizations, universities and civil society. For more information on Dr. Elkins education, skills, and professional background and experience, you can read his resume. Noteworthy, both of Dr. Elkins and Dr. Al-Moosawi have Masters of Public Health and studied at University of UNC Chapel Hill.

What did Dr. Elkins say when he was introduced to Mercy Hands' staff?

In response to the warm welcome by Mercy Hands' staff, Dr. Elkins said, "Thanks very much for all the kind and welcoming words. I am excited to be joining you and building on the great successes you have achieved to date. If you asked my previous teams what I was like as a boss, I think the response would be that I am highly supportive of staff, I encourage staff to increase their skill base, I am transparent and a 'straight talker'. I will be depending on all of you to guide me through these coming early days so that I can get up to speed quickly and work with you as effectively as possible".

Dr. Elkins' official starting date was November 1. He will be stationed at Erbil Regional Office but once his visa to Baghdad is issued he will travel to Baghdad to be based at the Headquarters. Dr. Elkins' email address is


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