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5 offices 
250+ staff 
267 projects completed 

Our story

In the aftermath of the 2003 attack on UN Headquarters in Baghdad and the subsequent targeting of international aid workers, many humanitarian organisations began to pull out or reduced their activities in Iraq. This withdraw created a huge gap in the humanitarian context at a time when 

humanitarian needs were growing.

Dr Khaldoon Al-Moosawi responded to the situation by creating a local non-governmental humanitarian organization. With the same determination and vision, Mercy Hands has grown from a small local NGO to a nationwide organization that has helped millions of people. 

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Our logo

During one of our emergency food distributions, in late 2004, one of our staff members witnessed an old woman falling down in a stampede of people rushing to the truck. Our aid worker instantly asked the workers to stop distribution, jumped off the truck, and assisted her to stand. Her hand reaching out to the woman inspired our logo design.

Our vision

We aspire to live in a society where justice prevails, law rules, individual and group rights are preserved, differences are acknowledged and welcomed, people work together to develop and sustain resources for future generations, and man made disasters are virtually nonexistent. 


Our mission

Mercy Hands is a non-governmental not-for-profit nonpartisan organization that works in conflict torn and disaster affected areas to save lives, sustain human rights and restore a healthy community. We serve people in need, regardless of their religion, gender, ethnicity or political affiliation. 




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