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Until every child has access to education.

Until every refugee has access to healthcare.

Until everyone is treated equally




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We work in some of the most hard to reach areas to protect the most vulnerable populations affected by conflict and disaster. 


In partnership with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, we've helped thousands of stateless, internally displaced people (IDPs) and refugees obtain identity documents, allowing them to access health care services and begin rebuilding their lives after years of instability. 

Children often suffer the most during times of armed conflict. That's why we're working in Mosul with War Child UK on assessing the most affected neighbourhoods and mapping schools to support the return of children to education. Our child-friendly spaces in partnership with UNICEF and Terres des Hommes Italy, have offered a safe haven for thousands of children in Iraq to play and reintegrate into normal life. 

Our community based centres run in partnership with the International Organization for Migration, provide legal assistance on house, land and property (HLP) rights disputes. Working with the United Nations Development Programme, our legal team provide further legal representation in court to unresolved HLP cases.  

In both East and West Mosul, we worked with INTERSOS to provide legal assistance to IDPs and gender-based violence (GBV) survivors. Our public awareness campaigns targeted thousands of people and helped raise understanding within the community. 

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