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Mercy Hands now offers medical insurance to its staff!

Dhamani (English translation: my insurance) is a medical insurance program, established and administered by Mercy Hands. As of September 2019, Mercy Hands started offering medical insurance to all its staff. The purpose is to ensure that Mercy Hands’ staff and their dependents have access to emergency and outpatient preventive and diagnostic medical care in Iraq. Dhamani is offered only to Mercy Hands’ staff and their dependents living in Iraq. Ex-employees or their dependents can enroll in Dhamani program.

Dhamani covers the following medical services: 1) outpatient preventive and diagnostic care, including doctor visits, nursing, diagnostics (e.g. X-ray, Ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, Echocardiogram, etc.), laboratory tests, medications, surgical procedures; 2) emergency room visits; and 3) inpatient services. Dhamani does not cover vision and dental care, cosmetic procedures, medical evacuation, and medical services provided outside Iraq.

The program offers three basic insurance plans: Individual, Family-1 (employee + 3 or less family members), and Family-2 (employee + more than 3 family members). The monthly premium for the individual plan is only $15 (18,000 Iraqi Dinars)


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