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What does Mercy Hands do for refugees in Iraq?

Mercy Hands continues to support refugees in Iraq, nonstop since 2005. Throughout the years, and in partnership with IOM, UNHCR, and other international partners, Mercy Hands supported refugees from Syria, Palestine, Sudan, Iran, and Kuwait, with protection, emergency food and non-food items distribution, education, and livelihood services.

Mercy Hands continuously coordinates with the local governments as well as the federal government in Baghdad, such as Ministry of Migration and Displaced, to advocate for the rights of refugees and for better protection for them.

Currently, Mercy Hands is implementing two projects targeting refugees in Iraq, first is the self sustaining Community Garden at Domiz Camp in Duhok governorate and the second one is the CRI (Core Relief Items) Distribution, which is implemented in partnership with UNHCR Iraq.

The Community Garden in Domiz Camp for Syrian Refugees in Duhok governorate consists of two greenhouses and a large green area around them.

The Community Garden is operated by 22 Syrian refugee families who share the produce of the two greenhouses with the other refugee families at the camp on as-needed basis.

Mercy Hands' contribution to the Community Garden project consists of supervision and technical guidance of the agronomist as well as financial contribution when needed, mainly with greenhouse structure repair and purchasing seeds and farming tools and supplies.

Regarding the CRIs project with UNHCR, Mercy Hands in Anbar is currently working on identifying Syrian refugees in the governorate who are not registered with UNHCR and providing CRIs to some of them after they receive their UNHCR Refugee Certificate.

So far, Mercy Hands completed the assessment of 450 Syrian refugee families in Anbar governorate and distributed CRIs on 85 families.


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