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Rehabilitating the Park at Alwand Dam Lake

Mercy Hands in partnership with UNDP Iraq is rehabilitating the green areas around Alwand Dam Lake in Khanaqin District, Diyala governorate, through the project "Sustainable Livelihoods & Economic Recovery in Khanaqin". This humanitarian effort is funded by Bfundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ), provided through Kfw Development Bank.

Alwand Dam Lake is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Iraq, located in Khanaqin District, Diyala governorate, 6 km from the Iraqi Iranian borders and 6 km from downtown Khanaqin. Alwand dam was established in 2013.

In this video our Field Monitor, Mr. Ahmed Idan, explains the importance of Alwand Dam Lake and the rehabilitation activities.

Mercy Hands and Directorate of Labor and Social Affairs in Khanaqin provide unemployed young men and women from Khanaqin with basic vocational training and work tools then engaged them in maintenance and rehabilitation works of public facilities for which they get paid cash.

The workers were very grateful for the opportunity to gain income and for all the vocational and life skills training they received prior to starting the cash for work activities. Here is a testimonial of a couple of them:


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