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Job Announcement

Deadline to apply: 28 March 2021


Job Title









No of Jobs

1 position in Mosul


Job Type

Regular Employee


Working Hours

Full time, from 8:30 am- 3:30 pm


Contract Duration

1 year


Required Travel

Occasional travel between Mosul, Telkaif and Erbil



1,071,000 IQD/month



Project Summary: Mercy Hands is implementing the project to promote peaceful coexistence and wellbeing for returnees and host communities in conflict-affected communities in Ninewa trough psychosocial resilience, social cohesion, and livelihood restoration. The first project’s pillar is based on the principle that the safety and wellbeing of returnees and host communities’ youth and adolescents in Ninewa is crucial to mitigate protection risks and avoid negative coping behaviors. As the second project’s pillar, once youth have positive coping skills, they are able to participate to the civic life and promote social cohesion. Also, the third project’s pillar is linked to the first pillar. The coping skills obtained through the psychosocial support activities will also allow returnees and host communities youth to absorb new skills for starting livelihood activities. Therefore, the project will focus on connecting older youth to increased livelihood opportunities. All those activities will be delivered in AYFSs (Adolescents and Youth Friendly Spaces).


Position Summary

The counsellor will work closely and under supervision with Mercy Hands Program staff and close monitoring by PSS and protection program assistants to implement the program activities of the Project. The counsellors will be grouped in teams consisting of one male counsellor and one female counsellor (one team per AYFS), those will be doing outreach visits, awareness raising and protection/ GVB case identification, they might be needed to support inside the AYFSs upon need.


  • Work closely with the psychologist to identify protection/GBV cases

  • Identify new/updated service paths for facilitating better referral for cases to the suitable service provider

  • Support in information dissemination either verbally or using different materials such as printed posters, brochures or media

  • Prepare and conduct behavior change communication targeting different community groups (children, adolescents, youth and parents/care givers)

  • Conduct door to door outreach for different purposes depending on the activity need (this can be to invite for the AYFS for an activity or a meeting, to do awareness raising or other depending on the need)

  • Conduct FGDs (Focus Group Discussions) to raise awareness and to share positive behavior messages.

  •  Encourage referral pathways and support at the community level for common mental
    health issues by working with teachers, religious leaders and traditional healers, and by
    facilitating regular coordination/case discussion meetings with these stakeholders and
    their corresponding health facilities.

  • Collaborate with the team to ensure that very vulnerable individuals are referred to the
    PSS team for the provision of PSS.

  •  Provide continuous feedback to the Project Manager on any challenges in the work
    implementation to be addressed directly with corrective steps/measures if needed.

  •  Ensure compliance with MH policies and protocols of confidentiality, respect and



Qualifications & Preferred Skills
  • Community mobilization / outreach experience in NGOs

  • Protection experience such as case management, child protection and referral

  • Awareness raising experience

  • Communication skills with different community groups (in age, or culture)

  • Community center or friendly spaces relevant experience

  • Bachelor or diploma in social studies

  •  At least 2 years of prior professional experience in facilitating either in educational
    spaces or other relevant jobs.

  • Child Protection/GBV and Social Cohesion trainings facilitation experience a distinct

  •  Experience in community related jobs where he had interactions with different
    community categories.
    ● Languages:

  • Fluency in Arabic required, working knowledge of English an

  •  Ability to work independently in a rapidly changing professional environment with a view towards establishing administrative procedures and protocol that will ensure optimal functioning of operations.

  • Good interpersonal, organizational, and time management skills essential.

  • Ability to maintain the highest degree of discretion essential.

  • Proven word processing and report writing skills preferred.

  • Ability to work in stressful work environments essential.

  •  Previous experience in database management required.

  •  Previous experience in monitoring and drafting reports required.

  • Excellent communication skills.



How to Apply

Please submit your CV & cover letter to or with “Mosul Counselor” in the subject line. 


Mercy Hands is an equal opportunity employer and recognizes the value of diversity in the workplace. We make no employment or volunteering decisions based on gender, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other protected class.

Male candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


All employees are expected to comply and provide signature to state commitment to our Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct regardless of employment agreement or rank. These documents will be included as part of the employment contract.


The role holder will have direct responsibility and supervision of staff working with intensive contact with children and/or young people.


Successful candidates must undertake a formal criminal record check, or where this is not possible, complete a self-declaration on any criminal convictions.


We expect employees to avoid any personal, financial or other interests that might hinder their capability or willingness to perform their job duties. Successful candidates are expected to sign Mercy Hands Conflict of Interest Policy.

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