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One month work = new one-classroom Shatt Al Arab school in Umm al Roj

Updated: May 6, 2021

Hussam, Zeinab, Ahmed, Nour...just a few to name, school children living in a small remote village Umm al Roj, about 150 km south of Samawa in Al-Muthanna governorate.

Imagine a one-classroom school without windows, air coolers, proper roof, floor and educational supplies. The heat, lack of air and light. A school in a horrible shape and in a desperate need of rehabilitation was a daily reality for 26 girls and boys for a long time. Teachers teaching without proper supplies and basic comfort. When MH's emergency field team visited this school through the School Feeding Programme supported by The World Food Programme, we knew we had to do something. The idea was very clear from the early beginning. “The children need a proper, clean and safe learning environment”. We gathered local volunteers, bought necessary materials and turned up sleeves. The rehabilitation work included rehabilitation of roof, walls and floor, installation of air coolers, new windows, blackboard, lockers and chairs. In total, the work took us less than a month, but the impact stays for much longer.

We are thankful to all local volunteers, the emergency and education department for their priceless help and support.

We wish all school children of Shatt al Arab school in Umm al Roj a happy learning and enjoyable time in their new school.

This rehabilitation was possible thanks to MH's financial contribution. If you would like to contribute and provide school children of Shatt al Arab school in Umm al Roj with textbooks and other educational supplies, let us know. We would love to have you with us.


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