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Mercy Hands Europe

After registering Mercy Hands in France, we are now working on registering it in Geneva, Switzerland. In the end of October we rented an apartment in Geneva, which will be used as an office and guesthouse for our staff.

Mercy Hands Europe's Headquarter will be in Geneva. Mercy Hands Iraq and Mercy Hands Europe will be sister organizations; they will work independent of each other, each will have a Board of Directors and an Executive Administration, but both Boards of Directors will work under the authority of the President/ Founder of Mercy Hands, Dr. Khaldoon Al-Moosawi.

Ms. Michella Maccabruni is leading the effort on the ground to register and set up Mercy Hands Europe in Geneva, while she continues to develop contacts with the Swiss organizations and people based in Geneva and coordinating with Mercy Hands Iraq's teams in Iraq and Northeast Syria.

Palais des Nations, the main building of the United Nations Office at Geneva.


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