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Mercy Hands' Office in France

In 2019 Mercy Hands decided to directly engage with Europe, which represents the cradle of all major organizations and UN agencies. In April 2019, Mercy Hands set up an office in Annecy, France, which is in a central position, well linked to the rest of Europe and really close to Geneva, where the majorities of UN meetings happen.

Mercy Hands' mission in Europe is led by our Regional Coordinator in Europe, Michela Maccabruni.

Michela Maccabruni, Mercy Hands' Regional Coordinator in Europe.

In this month, August, Mercy Hands became officially registered in France and a member of ICVA (International Council of Voluntary Agencies).

Michela had a busy schedule in August. In the beginning of the month she visited Iraq and met with many members of Mercy Hands' senior management in Iraq and Syria. Later this month she continued her networking, coordinating, and developing new partnerships.


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