Women in Iraq are the stronger half of the community

The Iraqi woman - without any exaggeration - is the strongest creature on Earth! For 37 years (1980 to 2017) Iraq lost hundreds of thousands of its men in wars which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women becoming the breadwinners of their families. Those women work, raise their children, and run their houses all in unfavorable circumstances and almost non-stop state of war for 37 years, without complaining or showing signs of tiredness. Can men do that!?

Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid believes that prosperity and progress in Iraq will not happen only if the strong half of the community, Iraqi women, will participate in it.

The following is an excerpt of some of Mercy Hands women's economic empowerment projects implemented in Iraq in end of 2018 beginning of 2019:


- 1 greenhouse in Domiz 1 Camp in Duhok Governorate: run by 22 vulnerable women (MH funded)

- 1 greenhouse in Bartella Learning Farm: To train 20 vulnerable women from the local community. When the training finishes groups of 2-4 women will receive greenhouses to apply their knowledge and generate income.

Vocational Training:

- Livestock husbandry and basic veterinary care for 30 women in Zummar Sub-district in Ninewa governorate.

Livestock husbandry and basic veterinary care

- Dairy processing and cheese production for 36 women in Zummar Sub-district in Ninewa governorate.

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