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IDP Women in Ninewa Sew Masks to Aid in Anti-Covid-19 Effort

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

In this month, May 2020, Mercy Hands implemented a quick impact project to produce face masks to aid in anti-COVID-19 effort in Iraq, specifically in Ninewa governorate.

Hundreds of IDP women were interviewed for the project and 96 women were selected based on vulnerability criteria, majority of them were widows.

Mercy Hands selected and trained 96 IDP women from Hamam Al Alil camp for displaced people and then provided them with sewing machines and the material to produce the masks.

The women sewers were paid $10 per hour for a total of 4 hours per day and for 20 days

In a total of 20 days, the 96 IDP women produced a total of 48000. Some of the masks were distributed on IDPs living in the camp and the remaining will be distributed in coordination with the local authorities.

Face masks are packed and ready to be distributed.

This project was supported by the German NGO, HELP.


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