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Preparations are in Full Swing for Masks Production QIP in Basra

Basra governorate has the second highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Iraq and incidence rate, after Baghdad.

Basra is second to Baghdad in number of confirmed COVID-19 cases. Date: June 1, 2020. Source: Iraqi Ministry of Health

In partnership with Grace Initiative Global and the local community, Mercy Hands is launching a quick impact project for masks production in Basra.

We are in the process of purchasing the sewing machines and material, recruiting the sewing trainer and the women sewers, and set up the workplace. Hopefully, within a week we will start producing the first batch of masks.

Our intention is to coordinate with the Directorate of Education in Basra to distribute the masks on school students who will have to go to school in June for the end of year exams.


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